No other creed offers a more diverse group of people and ideas in America than the Labor Movement. Unionist is a podcast about topics in the universe of the American labor movement. More than the issues it's about finding out who these people are and why they do what they do.

About the Host

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Phil Ybarrolaza


Phil Ybarrolaza (e-bar-o-laza) is the host of Unionist Podcast who also works with other podcasters and content creators to make things that they love. Phil knows online content and interaction after years of web development in addition to his other career in Labor Relations and the combination of the two give him a rare perspective on trends and habits of Union members online. Helping people communicate positive messages via online print and media is Phil’s true passion in life!

Phil has attracted millions of page views of people interested in Labor Unions with his content which includes the award-winning website Teamster.Net that he defended from numerous legal actions intent on chilling the free speech of online posters. Phil is a trained professional in Labor Relations as well as internal communications and has managed campaigns that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for worthy causes.